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Work all 620 muscles in 10 minutes with this full body blast workout

What are you looking for when it comes to a workout? How would you like a full body workout that works all 620 muscles in the body but only takes 10 minutes? Then we have the workout for you!

Check out this full body blast workout and work your whole body in just 10 minutes!

Full body blast workout

10 x medicine ball slams with squat


Squat holding the medicine ball with both hands in close to your chest, then stand up tall with ball above your head and slam the ball down as hard as you can into the ground. Make sure you lift the ball up above, but slightly in-front of your head, so you can still see the ball to avoid hyper-extending your shoulders or elbows.

Very important to engage your tummy muscles to prevent any back pain occurring.

Muscles targeted

Core, Back, Arms (Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders), Butt, Thighs. Basically nearly whole body.

Benefits of medicine ball slams with squat

Creates great body shape, advanced core exercise that is challenging but doable. So much Fun. Stress relief, kids can join in with a beach ball and a new functional move.

Expected results

Quicker weight loss and results in half the time. Helps with all your day-to-day activities as a busy mum.

Reverse lunges 10 x each leg


Take a long step backward, keeping your back heel off the ground. Keep your belly braced tight so your upper body stays strong as you drop your back knee down towards the group. Keep your knees in line with your toes, 90degrees at both knees and hip.

If balance is a challenge for you, hold onto a broomstick, wall or keep the lunges static (still and hold for 4 breaths). If too easy, raise arms out to the side of your body as you lunge back. Or add 5 pulses at the bottom of every lunge.


Abs, butt, thighs

Benefits of reverse lunges

Great exercise for all fitness levels. Focusses on the lower body which is harder to remove weight from.

Expected results

Every Mother wants to have a better bottom, belly or legs and hair (joking). But the market research indicates that nearly all females want to focus on their legs and butt area.

10 x burpees


Squat, jumping both feet back into a plank (OPTION: step back one leg at a time, or drop to your knees), then do an optional push up, then bring your legs back in towards your hands so you can push off the floor to stand up right and repeat. Very important to switch on your core, so you can protect your back.

Muscles targeted

Full body exercise, works all 620 approx muscles

Benefits of burpees

Works all your muscles in one exercise

Expected results

You will shape and tone your body & increase fitness

Check out our trainer Wendy showing you how to do a burpee without hurting yourself.

10 x push ups


In a plank position, hands under your shoulders, crease of your elbows pointing to each other, shoulders down and away from your ears, core switched on tight, tail bone slightly tucked under, spine as straight and neutral as possible, legs parallel with about a fist distance between them. Imaginary train track lines running from your heals, to your knees, hips, and shoulders.

Option – On knees to reduce impact or if any back pain. Have a break half way if you need it.

Muscles targeted

Chest, arms (triceps), core

Benefits of push ups

Upper body strength training, upper extremity weight bearing and alignment, helps with posture, core strength and control, shapes your arms.

Expected results

Creating strength in the muscles then develops lean muscle mass, which then in turn burns body fat even in your sleep or your Sunday day off training. It definitely does NOT bulk your body, just shapes it.

Push ups are quite masculine energy, but once you start to actually feel that they become easier, you then understand the benefits of a ‘MUST DO’ exercise even if we do not love them as much as other exercises. Most athletes who do push ups, look great in their upper body and are generally leaner with less body fat.

High knees for 45 seconds


Start standing then lift alternate knees up towards the chest. To challenge yourself add long arm movements or lift your knees up higher and engage your core more. Switch on your pelvic floor.

Muscles targeted

Heart, lungs, core and thighs

Benefits of high knees

Easy to do, increases your heart rate quickly to torch calories. Helps activate your core without doing crunches or hurting your neck. Is fun!

Expected results

Great for coordination, cardio can improve weight loss speed. Faster results.

If you have 5 minutes you can do this workout!

6 exercises you can do with the kids by your side

10 Minute Workout For Your Abs, Butt and Thighs

Now go work all 620 muscles in 10 minutes with this full body blast workout and don’t forget share your workout with other moms in The Healthy Mommy community.

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