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Real Mums Workouts NEW to The Healthy Mommy App

We are so excited that we have BRAND NEW workouts coming to the Healthy Mommy APP that features Real Moms who have had amazing results on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

You will be able to workout with our amazing Fitness Trainer Wendy as she also guides some of the Real Moms from our community who have had inspirational journeys and who will inspire you in your workouts every day.

Meet the Real Moms from our New Workouts

Cicily Goodwin – 116lbs weight loss with The Healthy Mommy

Gorgeous mom of two Cicily has lost a staggering 116lbs with The Healthy Mummy by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.  Not only that, but she has also maintained her weight loss for over two and a half years.

She says, “I’ve kept those healthy lifestyle choices like moving my body regularly and eating the Healthy Mommy recipes.”

Fat-burning Beginner Workouts with Cicily

Cicily is working out with Wendy doing fabulous fat-burning beginner workouts that will get real results.

Wendy says, “These 10 workouts with Cicily have fun and easy moves that are perfect for mums new to exercise or after postnatal level. You have the option to increase the intensity by using light weights or even two cans of food or water bottles.”

“The workouts I’m doing with Cicily will make you feel better, give you more energy, reduce stress, support you as a mum, and give YOU some YOU time. The hardest part is STARTING.

Both Cicily and Wendy know all too well the hurdles that mums sometimes face when exercising, and will be with you in these workouts every step of the way.

Cicily even has a great tip to stay motivated when you don’t always feel like exercising.

“Getting dressed in my favourite activewear. Also choosing a fun style of exercise like paddle boarding or beach walking.”

“Find something you love. You still burn calories walking. Grab your bestie and go for a walk, you get to move your body.

These workouts with Wendy are a great way to get your body moving.”

Sascha Farley – 77lbs weight loss with The Healthy Mommy

Sascha has been following the Healthy Mommy for over two years and has lost 77lbst following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges. She also had her third baby in that time and is now pregnant with her fourth.

Sascha says, “I have been living The Healthy Mommy lifestyle now for over four years and feel I’m probably the healthiest I’ve ever been.”

“This is my second Healthy Mommy pregnancy and it’s so much easier having access to the app with all the family-friendly recipes to choose from, plus I know so much more about staying healthy in pregnancy and keeping active.”

Prenatal Pregnancy Workouts for Second Trimester with Sascha

Sascha is joining Wendy in 10 pregnancy workouts ideal for the second trimester, although they can be used by pregnant women in the late first trimester if approved by a health professional and up to the early third trimester as long as you’re feeling fit and healthy and the bump is not too large to continue some moves.

These prenatal workouts for any fitness level go for just ten minutes and cover the full body with a focus on pelvic floor stability, posture, fun moves, cardio, upper and lower body strength to prevent injuries or pain.

Wendy says, “These prenatal workouts focus on mental health, strength, mobility, vitality, balance and functional moves to help with day to day activities.

Not only with you FEEL physically and mentally stronger, but this helps with the emotional hormone balance. Letting out stress in a safe environment which reduces the risk of anxiety or depression.”

These are great workouts to help pregnant women relax and get stronger for the birth and to have the energy for their family and enjoy this special time.

*IMPORTANT – Please seek medical advice prior to performing any of these prenatal exercises. Confirm with your Health Professional that you have the clearway to workout safely eg, GP, Obstetrician or Specialist. STOP exercise if you feel anything unusual, eg dizzy, bleeding, sore joints, stomach cramps, headaches or just not feeling as normal.

Melissa Timmer – 80lbs Weight Loss with The Healthy Mommy


Melissa first joined The Healthy Mommy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges back in 2017 and has been living a Healthy Mommy lifestyle ever since. She has lost 80lbs and has found a love of exercise and working out.

Mel says, My Healthy Mommy journey is coming up to 3 years although I feel like it’s just my way of living now. I have been toning and muscle building for the last 2 years”.


Advanced Weight Workouts with Melissa

Wendy and Mel are doing advanced workouts for moms who are at an intermediate to advanced fitness level and have been working out for a year or so and are confident with technique. These workouts are challenging, but are guaranteed to get RESULTS in less time.

Using heavier dumbells/weights, these are full-body workouts focussing on each muscle group to burn calories faster and more efficiently.

Wendy says, “The goal of these workouts is to make you strong,  build and tone muscles and push your body to make positive changes.  You’ll get shaped and toned and create lean muscle with burns more calories in less time – even when you sleep.”


Melissa is committed to her exercise regime and has a great tip for moms who may have lost their motivation to exercise.

She says, “Don’t give up.  It could be that you haven’t found your groove, remember exercise can be so many things, swimming, karate, walking, pole dancing, a sport like soccer, netball etc try something new, you may just surprise yourself!

Samara Rochelle Khoury – 38lbs weight loss The Healthy Mommy


Samara lost 38lbs in just 8 months and has been successfully toning and maintaining her body ever since. Racked with anxiety and suffering postnatal depression after the birth of her second daughter,  Samara signed up to The Healthy Mommy in a desperate attempt to find herself again. She did that and so much more.

Samara say, “I am now the happiest, healthiest, most confident version of myself. I have lost weight, beaten depression and am living my best life possible for myself and my two daughters.

HIIT Beginner and Intermediate Level Agility Workouts with Samara

Samara’s workouts with Wendy are full-body HIIT workouts with functional moves for strength and cardio. They are great for agility with karate moves for shaping and toning to increase oxygen for more energy. They will work your abs, butt, thighs and tone the arms.

These workouts are ideal for moms who feel beginner workouts aren’t quite challenging enough or who are motivated to get faster results on their journey safely.

Wendy says, “Any mom who wants to feel better physically,  mentally and emotionally should do these workouts. The cardio is great for the heart and lung organs, while the strength training helps for balanced posture as well as mental strength. The functional moves help mums get through day to day activities and have more energy for their family”

Samara loves these workouts and believes that making exercise part of her daily routine has helped her maintain a healthy weight and keep her mentally strong.

She says, “Move your body in any way and as much as you can every day. Take the stairs, dance in your lounge room, walk to school instead of drive. And be consistent! You won’t lose weight or tone in a few days. Remember it takes time so keep going.”

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