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12 things husbands should NEVER say to their pregnant wives

Pregnancy is a sensitive time for expectant mamas. You’re dealing with nausea, tiredness, cravings, uncomfortable sleep and a surge of hormones that can make even the calmest woman fill with rage!

During this time, it’s important for husbands and partners to tread lightly around their significant other, in order to avoid offending or upsetting them.

Here are 12 things hubbies should NEVER say to their pregnant wives…

12 things husbands should NEVER say to their pregnant wives

1. “It’s not that bad.”

This statement might be intended to put their woes into perspective. Yes, it’s not a life threatening illness, but when you’ve been throwing up 10 times a day or your hips are in agony, it does feel THAT bad! A bit of sympathy goes a LONG way sometimes.

2. “I know how you feel.”

This may seem like a comforting phrase, but you really DON’T know how she’s feeling at all. Instead, you could say “I can’t imagine what you’re going through” or “I’m sorry you feel like this” but NEVER compare your situation to hers.

3. “Are you hungry AGAIN?”

Growing a little human is ravenous work! Some mums-to-be find by eating regularly they’re curbing the nausea or they may just be hungry, and that’s totally okay.

4. “You’re boring these days.”

While pregnancy is a chance to enjoy each other’s company before things really begin to change, chances are your expecting wife is EXHAUSTED and hasn’t got the energy to go out like she used to. Don’t remind her of what she’s missing out on, be supportive and patient.

5. “Why are you crying?”

Hormones are all over the shop during pregnancy and she may find herself bursting into tears for no reason or while watching an advert for cat food! Cuddle her and tell her it’s okay, rather than make her feel silly for feeling so emotional.

6. “You’re so moody.”

Pregnancy is stressful and irritating for many women. On top of not feeling like herself, she has so many new hormones surging through her body. If you keep pointing out her mood swings, chances are you will be next in her line of fire!

7. “Come on slow coach.”

Have you ever tried carrying a watermelon around in your tummy for months on end? Doesn’t sound easy does it? The extra weight is what’s causing her to slow down, so walk with her.

8. “I slept really well last night!”

If your wife is in her third trimester, she’s more than likely to struggle to get to sleep in a comfortable position. Even if you slept like a baby, she doesn’t want to hear it!

9. “Let’s have another one after this.”

Pregnancy seems never ending, and all your wife is focused on right now is getting the current baby out of her. The last things she wants to think about it baby number 2, 3 or 4. Wait until bub is born and she has her body back before you bring up the idea of more kids.

10. “My parents want to be in the delivery room.”

Birth is an intimate experience, so unless she has told you she wants certain people in the room with you during this time, don’t assume it’s okay.

11. “It feels like you’ve been pregnant forever!”

If it feels like you’ve been waiting forever, then imagine how she feels! Pregnant women feel like they’ve been pregnant for years, so try and think before you speak!

12. “Do you think your body will bounce back after birth?”

She’s already feeling quite self-conscious about her body and all of the changes it’s going through, so don’t make her feel pressurized into losing the baby weight. When she’s ready, she can sign up to our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

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