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7 ways to refuel without blowing your calories

Most of us tend to consume things to help boost our energy when we are feeling tired – and let’s face it, when you have kids you are often perpetually tired!

Coffee is the normal go-to for a quick boost, but one cuppa can often contain a HEAP of calories and you’re more likely to have a crash. We also tend to eat more when we’re feeling exhausted.

So how do you boost your energy without blowing your calorie intake for the day?

7 ways to boost energy levels without blowing calories

1. Have a good breakfast

Experts suggest the best way to refuel and keep your energy levels high is by eating a healthy and larger breakfast to help give you the energy you need to burn steadily throughout the day.

Rolled oats or poached eggs with spinach are great options.

2. Look for natural foods


You need food that’s going to help your body slowly release energy and help keep you fuller for longer, so avoid sugar and preservatives.

3. Snack on food that’s full of protein

Snacks that include a heap of protein will help give you a quick energy boost – without an energy crash a few hours later.

Salmon, tuna or fruit and nuts are a great and healthy way to boost your energy levels without blowing your calorie intake for the day.

4. Quench your thirst


Try putting slices of lemon and ice into your water. We often feel more tired when we are dehydrated.

Make sure you’re drinking lots of water to help you feel awake and refreshed.

5. Make sure you have enough iron

Dads-to-be should also be taking folic acid ahead of pregnancy, new research suggests

You often feel more tired when you’re low in iron. Great sources of iron are in kidney beans, spinach and dried fruit.

6. Eat more fibre

Meals that are high in fibre take longer to digest, so by consuming more fibre earlier on in the day, it will help keep you going.

Fibre is effectively carbohydrates which are indigestible. It is the plant material which our bodies cannot digest which is found in fruits, vegetables, legumes and wholegrain breads and cereals.

7. Exercise


The common misconception is that exercising makes you feel more tired, but it’s actually the opposite. Physical activity gets the heart rate up and the blood flowing, releasing endorphins to raise your energy level.

The best exercise for this is cardio.

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