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What’s making these six Healthy Mommy moms VERY HAPPY indeed?

These six AMAZING moms are all enjoying the same overwhelming feeling of HAPPINESS! But why, you may ask. It’s simple. They’re looking and feeling FANTASTIC and it’s all down to them adapting a Healthy Mommy lifestyle.

By following the nutritious meal plans and exercises from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App, these mums (who are all at different stages of their Healthy Mommy journey) have BIG scale and non-scale VICTORIES to celebrate. They share them below.

Big cheers for these AMAZING moms!

“At 48 years old I have lost 38lbs and have more energy than ever before”


Christine says “If you had have told me 2 years ago that at 48 years old that I could feel less achy, have more energy than ever before and maintain a weight that I was when I was 21, I would have laughed at you.

But with The Healthy Mommy I have lost 38 lbs and maintained that loss since October 2018. It wasn’t done overnight – it took time and perseverance through the ups and downs of losing weight.

The difference with 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges is that there is no group of food that is eliminated. It’s just normal food made the healthy way.

I’ve got a love for exercise that I didn’t know was possible, a love for wanting to fuel my body with good healthy food.

I feel confident, less fatigued and I know I can sustain this healthy lifestyle”.

“I’ve lost 22lbs in 18 months and gained a new wardrobe”


Vanessa says, “First photo is pre-children and traveling in Italy – eating and drinking way too much and making bad choices! I was struggling in the heat and legs chafing. I remember it well.

Fast forward 10 years to second photo. Married with 2 young boys, 44 years old and peri-menopausal and in the best physical and mental shape of my life! I have a lot more energy, stronger and fitter.

I have lost 22lbs in 18 months. I have dropped from size 18 to size 12. I now have a new wardrobe because of this!”

“Finally seeing the muscle I was wanting, sleeping better, and much happier”.


Jenny says “What I love about these pictures is that it shows why it’s important to not go by just the scale.

I weigh the same but look at the muscle difference. A year ago I was working out, walking, drinking water, eating healthy. I wasn’t getting where I wanted.

Fast forward to joining The Healthy Mommy 4 months ago, bottom picture. Finally seeing the muscle I was wanting, I’m sleeping better, and much happier. Adding carbs back into my diet has made a big difference. Healthy Mommy meal plans make life easier as the whole family can eat the same. 

“My shirt is so loose, my 5 year old can now fit inside”


Nikki Lea Eckley says “Every now and then I like to put on a top that used to be tight before I joined the Healthy Mommy because sometimes you just need to see for yourself the difference (and the scales don’t always tell you the right story).

This red top is now so loose on me my 5 year old actually fits inside it with me!

A year can make so much difference to your life so make the changes now that your future self with thank you for!

I am soooooo thankful for joining The Healthy Mommy.

It’s not a fad diet, it’s not a quick fix, it’s 100% sustainable and family friendly.”

“I’ve gained so much confidence in my body, brain and heart”

Kate Grimmell says “I love how much my confidence has changed since I joined The Healthy Mommy in May.I’m down a pants, size, bra size and shirt size.

I’ve gained SO much confidence in my body, my brain and my heart.

I’ve discovered my self worth and how important it is to take care of myself with healthy food and awesome workouts.

Bottom line…WE ARE WORTH IT MAMAS!It’s so inspirational to look WAY back (college in this picture) and see how far I’ve come (black tank is 5 minutes ago).

I love the sustainability of The Healthy Mommy and that the meal plans are done for me and I just print off a shopping list. And I love the support system and motivation from other moms in the same boat as me”.

“My energy levels are amazing and I’ve kept up with evening walks”


Anna Marie says, “I’m avoiding the scales for now as I found I was falling into bad habits of getting demotivated if the scales didn’t reflect a result. I remember this stage from the beginning of my journey back in January 2018 before I lost 49lbs and fell pregnant.

So I’m firmly going off non-scale victories and this week has been full of them!

My energy levels are amazing considering I have been fighting a cold and chesty cough and my son hasn’t wanted to be put down!

And my skin is looking great again.

My clothes are feeling a tiny bit looser that to me is a big win!

I’ve kept up with my family evening walks and I’m feeling great for it. It really resets my head and even after the most stressful of mommy days.

If you’re on the fence jump in and join us you won’t look back this lifestyle is truly perfect for busy moms and the support you will receive in this group is amazing!”

The Healthy Mommy team would like to congratulations to all these AMAZING moms who are living their best and healthiest lives.  We are so proud of you all.

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Regain your body confidence with The Healthy Mommy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Our Challenge is designed by moms FOR MOMS – to help them reach their goal weight and tackle their health and fitness.

The Challenge is home to customizable meal plans, 24/7 social support and realistic exercises moms can do AT HOME.

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