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Torch the calories with this cardio fat blaster workout

We all know how good cardio is for getting the heart pumping and the blood moving but it’s also really good at torching calories and blasting fat. If you are looking to torch some calories with a quick and easy workout add this awesome cardio fat blaster workout into your exercise plan.

Cardio fat blaster workout

10 x star jumps


Start standing with legs together, small jumps in to a star jump, bend your knees not your back and keep your knees in alignment with your toes. If too easy, go faster or do more.

Muscles targeted

Abs, butt, thighs. The wider you jump the more you work your inner thighs.

Benefits of star jumps

Cardiovascular exercise to increase your metabolism and makes your heart and lungs work more efficiently which increases oxygen in your body.

Expected results

Burns more calories and helps with weight loss. Helps you sleep better, which then gives you more energy the next day.

10 x knee repeaters on each side

10 on the right knee and 10 on the left.


Keeping the majority of your body weight in your supporting leg, start standing with one knee up towards the chest and the same leg press it back into a lunge position. To challenge yourself add long arm movements or lift your knee higher.

Muscles targeted

Heart, lungs, core and thighs.

Benefits of knee repeaters

Easy to do, increases your heart rate quickly to torch calories. Helps activate your core without doing crunches or hurting your neck. Is fun!

Expected results

Great for coordination, cardio to improve weight loss speed. Faster results.

10 x burpees


Squat, jumping both feet back into a plank (OPTION: step back one leg at a time, or drop to your knees), then do an optional push up, then bring your legs back in towards your hands so you can push off the floor to stand up right and repeat. Very important to switch on your core, so you can protect your back.

Muscles targeted

Full body exercise, works all 620 approx muscles.

Benefits of burpees

Works all your muscles in one exercise.

Expected results

You will shape and tone your body and increase fitness.

Check out our trainer Wendy showing you how to do a burpee without hurting yourself.

Running on spot for 30 seconds


Jogging with no impact, running for intermediate or advanced. To make it more challenging, try to lift your knees up higher or run faster on the spot and use your arms.

Muscles targeted

Leg muscles – quadriceps, hamstrings, gluts.

Benefits of running on the spot

Gets you fitter quickly.

Expected results

Your metabolic rate will increase which will help you achieve your goal rate easily.

15 x ski’s


Movements like you are cross country skiing, make sure you are at an intermediate level, or beginners just do alternate lunges. Ensure your toes and knees are all pointing forwards. Bend your knees and try to land gently with less impact on your joints and spine. Make sure you are on a padded ground, grass, on a thick matt or on carpet to reduce impact.

Muscles targeted

Lower body muscles, legs, core and butt.

Benefits of ski’s

Fun exercise when you can do it correctly, increases your heart rate so you can improve your lunge capacity and increase your fitness level to burn body fat easily

Expected results

Reduce body fat quickly.

Try this 2.5 minute workout to burn more calories.

Burn 100 calories in 10 minutes with this awesome workout.

If you have 5 minutes you can do this workout!

Now go torch those calories with this cardio fat blaster workout and don’t forget share your workout with other moms in The Healthy Mommy community.

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